A microbicidal LED Lighting technology which sanitizes your environment (Air & Surfaces).

Biovitae illuminates and protects you against pathogens exchanges & infections risks in indoor areas. 

BIOVITAE was awarded as the best Innovation 2020 as part of a program of the United Nations named Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) and developed by UNAIDS.

NOVATECH FRANCE is the distributor and official representative of Biovitae technology in France

Novatech France a Committed Company

We are proud to be a company "Supporter" of LOU Rugby (Top 14) and "Sponsor" of Oyonnax rugby (Pro D2)

In January 2022 Novatech France joined the Cluster Lumière.

The Cluster Lumière is a network of experts in the Lighting sector and its mission is to innovate around new lighting technologies in response to our economic and sustainable development challenges. 

This organization promotes competitiveness and the development of the regional economic network, through the creation local, national and international partnerships.